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Customer Focus; Integrity; Innovation; Leadership; Life-Long Learning; Collaboration; Diversity; Experts; Communication

In the fall of 2006 the Florida Dietetic Association Board of Directors began work on the creation of a 5 year Strategic Plan. With a great deal of input from the Administrative Council and Membership the plan was rolled out at the Annual Meeting in July 2007.  This is a living document that is reviewed and revised, if necessary, at least annually.  The most current plan can be viewed using the link below.

The Strategic Planning Committee is currently developing action plans and monitoring tools to measure our outcomes.  Reports will be available to membership on this page, in the Focus Newsletter and through the Presidents monthly updates.

Member involvement is important in achieving our objectives so we can meet our goals.  Please take the time to review this document.  Let us know what you think.  If you are interested in joining your fellow professionals across the state to help with any of these plans, please let us know.

FDA is each of us.  The Strategic Plan is a tool to help us achieve our vision and mission.  Please help us to assure that Florida continues to be a leader in the Profession of Dietetics.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan with Goal Champions and Committee Responsibilities

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