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Reimbursement Representative

Dawn Springs, MS, RDN, LDN 


The Academy has been working consistently and very swiftly to provide our members with the most updated information related to RDNs and the changes in providing telehealth that have evolved in the past few days.  Here is a link below to the information that is now in the Academy website which you can use to understand the changes:


Please stay tuned on the Academy’s home page as more information and clarification develops.


MIPS - Merit-based Incentive Payment System

Did you know that beginning January 1, 2019 RDNs will be eligible to participate in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) track under Medicare’s Quality Payment Program (QPP)?  Are you ready to play MIPS?   Read the latest issue of the MNT Provider for information on how to play and to learn about “wins” for RDNs in the 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rules.  A December/Special Edition of the MNT Provider newsletter can help explain more and was just posted to the website (free to Academy members).

See this link:  https://www.eatrightstore.org/product-subject/mnt-references/mnt-provider-newsletter-december-2018 *

Want to learn more? Two resources are available to you. One is a group of FAND members who are interested in reimbursement issues and you may join our group by emailing your name, district and at least one phone number to eatright@intergate.com And go to www.eatright.org/mnt frequently to access the most current information on reimbursement. The latest MNT Works Toolkit is also available (to members only) at this same site.

The goals of the reimbursement representative are to:

  1. Strengthen working relationship with AND, State Legislation and Public Policy Chair (who is also the FAND President Elect).
  2. Continuously seek FAND members interested in Reimbursement issues.
  3. Build an electronic group to communicate information and encourage exchange of information among group members.
  4. Serve as resource person for member questions/concerns.
  5. Encourage inclusion of coding and reimbursement issues at the annual FAND symposium and district levels.

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Click “here” to join the AND reimbursement online community


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