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FAND Awards Committee Members:

Please take a little time to recognize the outstanding contributions of our professionals. You can start the process by downloading the forms on this website, complete them, and send them to the Awards Chair. Awards will be presented at the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Symposium.  Annually, Districts and members submit nominations for several AND and FAND awards. Check e-mails with the subject: “FAND Awards” for notification, criteria, and deadlines. The awards include:

1) The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Outstanding Educator Awards - Criteria & Data Sheet

2) The Academy's Outstanding Student Awards - Criteria - You will not need to complete a datasheet, just send the highlighted information under Selection Procedure #5 listed in the Criteria to the Awards Chair.

3) FAND Distinguished Member Awards: 

          Outstanding Dietitian - Guidelines & Data Sheet

          Recognized Young Dietitian - Guidelines & Data Sheet        

          Recognized Dietetic Technician - Guidelines & Data Sheet

          Emerging Leader - Guidelines & Data Sheet 

4) FAND Special Awards: Criteria (PDF format) & Data Sheet  (Word format) (The deadline for nominations is now July 17th

          Medallion Award -   

          Legislative, Public Policy and Excellence in Grassroots Award - 

          Public Service Award -

          Business and Industry Award -

          Media Award -

          Collegiate Leadership Award - 

          Excellence in Practice Award -

5) Outstanding Preceptor Award - Data Sheet (Word format) (The deadline for nominations is now July 17th

6) The Academy's "Awards Resources" hand-out. It includes Academy Award information -

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 If you would like to recognize someone who is deserving of an award and have any questions, please contact the Awards Chair.

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