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Chair - District Presidents


Allie Eng Peacock, RDN, CSP, LDN, CNSC
Chair, District Presidents

District Representation

The role of the Chair of District Presidents (CDP) is to represent the interest of the 7 districts at the FAND Board of Directors (BOD) meetings and to keep the BOD informed of the activities, concerns and issues of the District Presidents (DP’s). With this in mind, timely two-way communication is key between the CDP and the DP’s.

The districts are asked to develop a strategic plan in line with FAND’s strategic plan and use this as a guiding document to utilize resources and plan district events and activities. The quarterly report (attached below) is an important tool for the DP’s to use in communicating the district’s progress in meeting the goals of its strategic plan to the CDP.

FAND has developed and provides each DP with a District President’s Handbook. The handbook includes key business and financial information to assist each district in running its district successfully.

Quarterly Report Form - Click Here
District President Manual 2019 - Click Here

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