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of Nutrition and Dietetics

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Elizabeth Bobo Delegate

Elizabeth Bobo, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC
Chair, Delegates

“The House of Delegates, as the voice of members, governs the profession and develops policy on major professional issues.”

The House of Delegates (HOD), through strategic thinking, policies and actions leads the profession in areas of food, nutrition and health. The HOD identifies, triages, and addresses dynamic professional member issues using knowledge, dialogue and decision-making strategies.  The House also deliberates standards for education, research and practice related to the profession. Through its representation on the AND Board of Directors, the HOD maintains a continual feedback loop to manage expectations and ensure implementation of outcomes.

Delegate responsibilities include:

  • To ensure a well-informed membership
  • To ensure a well-informed affiliate Board of Directors
  • To obtain increased member involvement at local and state levels
  • To provide consistent, concise messages and directions that support the mission and vision of AND
  • To ensure an effective and efficient structure to address member issues
  • To ensure collaborative relationships within AND and other external organizations

In order to keep the dietetic profession moving forward, the HOD relies on the communication of delegates with FAND members. If you would like to communicate with a delegate or have a delegate speak at a district event, please send a message to the FAND delegate email FANdelegate@gmail.com

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