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Toolbar Buttons Bottom Left of Screen On the Toolbar in the bottom left corner of your main viewing screen is a Small Ribbon that represents Bookmarks. (View the left image for the small white ribbon - three icons in from the left.)

Adding Bookmarks

To Add a Bookmark:

1) Choose the pages in the main viewing area you wish to Bookmark. To Bookmark certain pages, they must be visible at the time of setting the Bookmark.

2) Click the small white Bookmark tab in the lower left side at the bottom of the screen (inside the toolbar) to bring up the Bookmark editor window at the top left of the screen.

3) Click in the white form box and Type aNote to identify your Bookmark.

4) Click Add. The pages currently showing at the time you clicked Bookmark will be added to the Bookmark window along with your note.

5) Update a BookMark. Choose the Bookmarked pages icon you wish to Update. Click in the white form field located next to the pages icon and Retype your notes and click Update.

6) Delete a Bookmark. Choose the Bookmarked pages icon you wish to Delete. Click the Small White X in the top Right corner of the Bookmarks icon box.

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