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Directions to Reset Your Password - Please Follow Carefully

 Go to and Log in.

Once in the site you will see a MENU link called RESET PASSWORD

1) Click: RESET PASSWORD - an article with a small Edit Profile Link will appear above your profile information.
2) Click the small Edit Profile link at the top of the page (Not in the menu itself)
3) Scroll down to the two Reset Password boxes
4) Carefully type in the new password (do not copy and paste)
5) Retype the new password in the second box (must be exactly the same, case sensitive)
6) Scroll to the bottom and click save or submit.
7) Completely exit out of the page by logging out.

 Verify that the new password was saved.

8) Retype into the browser window.
9) Login again with your regular username and New password. (Click REMEMBER PASSWORD if you prefer).
10) Write down the new password and keep it in a safe place.

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